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  • History and philosophy

    BUSERCO is a young human-sized company with a corporate culture strongly oriented customer service, partnership, transparency and quality of services.

    Our watchwords and our added value are: interventions and quick qualitative services, systematic checks of the services provided, information to customers of various problems found in their premises, the constant search for effective solutions to problems, proactivity, clear, fast and transparent billing.

    The teams of BUSERCO allow daily to meet all the needs that will facilitate the activity of your company so that you can focus without loss of time or trouble to the main activities of your organization.

    Our goal is to help real estate investment by maintaining existing buildings and infrastructure optimally. Our approach is global and multi services. BUSERCO therefore maintains your buildings and your offices at the highest level.

    To do this, BUSERCO offers you 15 years of experience in the management of apartment buildings, commercial, industrial and office buildings. These 15 years have enabled us to form our own experience in managing all kinds of buildings on behalf of Belgian and international customers, and especially to make us a very clear idea of what a property manager, an owner or an occupier of a building is awaiting for a service provider. That's why we put this experience every day at your service.

    The phrase "the client is king" is at BUSERCO a reality. Never hesitate to ask us for a service, we are here to satisfy.