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  • Small works and facility services

    BUSERCO is able to provide the following services:

    • Relamping, small urgent and not urgent repairs (Handy Man), salting and snow removal
    • Crystallization of marble, shampoo carpets, graffiti removal
    • Paints
    • Removal and installation of carpet, moving of office furniture, archives, computer equipment, preparation of meeting rooms
    • Filling of beverage and of candy distributors, restocking paper and cartridges for fax machines, printers, photocopiers
    • Consumable supplies and sanitary (toilets, showers, changing rooms): toilet paper, towel, soap, deodorant
    • Supplies of coffee, sugar, milk, various beverages
    • Supplies of water softener salt
    • Pest Control: rat, mouse,  anti-pigeons, cockroaches, ants, flies
    • Maintenance of indoor plants (sales + rental)
    • Washing dishes towels, curtains
    • Office supplies: furniture, paper, toner, pens
    • Other services that you think: don’t hesitate to ask!